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Apple drops 6.4% due to volatility and uncertainty: the iPad mini is out, now what? -
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I predict that Apple's stocke will continue to fluctuate in value.
What a dramatic picture, +TechCrunch! Another nonstory about Apple, I'm gonna unfollow you! You are so biased! :P Joking. Nevertheless, I still feel it's a nonstory. But I'm sure I'm about to be proven otherwise by a stream of diehard Android fanboys saying stuff like: "Apple is going down", "Apple is not the same after Steve Jobs", "Who wants to be locked in a closed system", "nothing has changed in iOS for few years", "crApple", "Apple sucks"... #yawn  
Next Big Product will change this .
iPhone 5S.
Jonny W
<snore> oh, was there a story at that link? 
Not everyone is uncertain with Apples Mini. It was never really marketed. I say it still might make a profound jump in the future. Yes, I am an Apple Fan and I've worked with both systems. 
The stock has been dropping because large investors who have ridden the stock up are taking their profits before the new higher capital gains rates kick for 2013. New margin requirements are also playing a role. It has very little to do with what Apple's business is doing. Barring the fiscal cliff issues not being sorted out or some other major issue causing the economy to tank the stock will be back over $650 next year.
Google is improving their products far quicker than Apple. If things continue they may even surpass Apple in design and usabilty. I would sell Apple stock now. :)
wooooow painting is so impressive hhhhhhhh ,,,
Yea many saw this coming. It's just the beginning..
Buy buy buy!!! If you have the money. It'll be back up soon and you'll be rich if you bought. 
What is the link between the creepy painting and the good news ???
TechCrunch is to Android as cnet is to Apple?
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