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Dear Google & Nokia: to build an accessory ecosystem, you have to ship -
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I agree that there is a Fail in accessories. Example: My Verizon Galaxy nexus and its POGO pins, there is nothing out there to support them for use, I was only able to find one product by Samsung and it was a $100 dock... (not happening) The one thing I did want is the car dock that supports the POGO pins and it was only for the GSM or basically the non LTE version cause it was thinner (WTF make a new mold) i have had both LTE and non LTE next to each other and the difference is microscopic, and BS that it was not available.
Theres never been a flagship Android phone (that Google has taken seriously) until now. Accessory makers had to produce for Samsung (multiple devices and designs), Motorola (also multiple)...its not worth it. We should be seeing more with the Nexus and Lumia products. If not Windows will take the chance (and my business)
It bothers me to no end that I can't buy official charging cables for my Galaxy Nexus. Until they figure out how to offer official branded cables, I'll just have to keep using this regular USB cable I found laying around my house. It's just so... ugh... common.

Seriously, when you support actual standards, you don't need official branded anything. The only problems that really exist are that of cases and the like. But that is ultimately a numbers problem. What company is going to design and build a case to use the POGO pins on the Galaxy Nexus when there are very few of those specific phones in the wild? Especially when the next hot phone will be released in 4 months with a new form factor, why even bother?
As someone who jumps back and forth from iOS to Android, and inevitably ends up back on iOS....I whole heartedly agree.  Android has some features that I prefer, but I hate not being able to share my music and videos wirelessly in my home.
yes, but I don't want to have to spend more on a technology that is slow to advance in products.
dlna is free and I can stream MKV in 1080p not so much slow for me  ... so instead you pay double for your device stuck in proprietary format. you could also use the cloud for streaming like google tv do ,nfc or miracast there's a lot of option even mhl cable to hdmi...
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