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Alex Hull
not really. they have a profit margin of 30+% and they can only give 2.5 million?
So days after Samsung publicly gives $3 million, Apple feels the need to respond by giving less.  :o\
Not impressed with $2.5 million. If Apple said they were going to give $15 million I would be impressed. Its Apple, they can afford it. 
Not really. Donald Trump (Not nearly as rich as Apple) was willing to donate twice that, just to see Obama's birth certificate.

They can do a lot better if they genuinely want to help. 
+Patrick McLeod especially since Apple under Steve Jobs was one of the least philanthropic companies. He in fact closed down their philanthropic department when he took back over the company.
hmmm +Richie Mangan  you just reminded me about that why di Donald Trump not donate that Money....oops forgot he is a sore loser!!! lol!!
Only $2.5 million. And i thought Apple was most valuable company in terms of money. 
Now are they going to sue everyone else who donates?
I don't think you guys read the piece. It's from USERS.
+TechCrunch are they going to sue their own users for copying them? ;)

So Apple donated 2.5mil and then their users raised "additional millions". Good on the users. I love seeing people helping people. I'm still not a fan of Apple. 
Nobody should be condemned for giving, it's not a sport. It's about helping people. Switch off your android brains for a moment and say something nice about Apple when they deserve it. It's not that hard.
Exactly +Jeremy Meiss always wondered why the couldn't for example match what the users gave... If the users gave 2.5 then match 2.5 that makes you look like an upstanding company
+TechCrunch in this instance they donated 2.5 mil to the cause, even if they donated 100mil to other causes back in the September article. The fact remains only gave 2.5mil after Samsung did. Think of how much they could have raised if they donated a portion of their daily sales for a week even at 1 % it would have been 7 million based on their profit already this year
cheapskates is all they are, simple!!! Its not even Genuine when you did it after Samsung did....
+Nino Novak it is indeed a positive thing, but with Apple's philanthropic track record, its not exactly something to change ones view of the company. They have had no philanthropic department for years, and now donated a miniscule fraction of their worth. 
+Miguel Duran Whatever Apple does, haters always find something to nitpick. It's not possible to have a serious discussion on G+ whenever Apple is inserted in a thread - and that's like 99% of the time, even if the article doesn't mention them. You guys don't even read the articles, you comment on the small excerpt in a G+ post... it's laughable. 
Except, you know, there's some controversy surrounding the Red Cross right now. I wish all of the facts would be set straight one and for all.
So let me get this straight. A company with $120 billion in cash, no debt and paying just 2% in taxes, gives a puny $2.5 million or 0.002% and then advertises about it?? Sheesh... Apple will forever be known as a greedy worthless POS. #boycottapple    
So, in percentage, how much did each of you negative commentators give of your annual income? 1% or none?
It's easy to sit here and act holy, but how much did you give? 
No, this doesn't make me like that company for any reason.
I'm very glad Apple donated, it was a good move. Still, I don't personally like their products. I suppose if all else was equal it would make me feel better. But they have been at the center of the IP shit-storm that has been US copyright law and that is still not a good thing.
It's a corporate gift--which they should be doing. I don't worry about the amount, it's the fact that it was done that is good.
Yep, you can appreciate the gift without supporting the products. You don't even have to like how they do business.
+Dragos Jianu but still $2,5 most of us gave. Nothing in charity is insulting. You give what you feel you can afford or what you want to give.

Yeah, +Dragos Jianu  Romney sent nothing but a few boxes of can goods (and he took pictures of people handing him the cans so he'd get publicity from it) bad is that considering his net worth and the billions he had in super-pac money? But still, I'm glad he sent something. It will help somebody.
What's insulting is for a company like Apple to give ONLY $2.5 million (or 0.002% of the $120b in cash they have), and then advertise about it. Sheesh... they could still have given that puny amount but at least should have kept it quiet...
+Dragos Jianu I agree with you, except on the same point that +Nihad Eminović made.

When people are in terrible times of need, a gift of $2.50 from a person can mean the difference between eating that day or not. Or dying of dehydration or not in climates like the one where I live.

But, as you pointed out, Apple isn't a private person, they are a gigantic corporation. They aren't giving some of what could be their last few dollars, they are giving a meager amount that they will literally recoup almost instantly.

Still.... I'm sure their donation, and the efforts they made to collect donations from their users went to help many many people. But it doesn't suddenly make them, as a company, all super charitable and wonderful.
Red Cross will sue them for copyright infringement.
When someone donates it shouldn't be to be noticed.
Nope. The filthy rich Bg Business is only doing it to avoid paying its share of taxes.
And donation that is quiet and humble is a better one
They didn't have to give anything. Hate them as a company but I'll give them credit where credit is due especially since I'm from Jersey.
Should I be impressed?
Cook raised Apple charity from zero to .. what? a measly 2.5 million?
How much goes to the victims outside of the US?
Sam Bao
+Richie Mangan but since when does buisness "genuiely" wanna help anybody?unless they gain something,like we reading this thread right now,thats what seperates a charity from a buisness(on second thought,there is no charity in america,everybody is after the money, its just how much they gonna take)
That's pocket change Apple. You can do better!
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