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Google+ Sign-In sounds simple for users, but lacks the personal info and distribution devs need -

What are your thoughts on it?
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Oh man! I still feel Google+ is a forcefeed!
Everyone shares every detail of their lives in FB, which is why I stay away from it. I like the fact G+ doesn't give out personal info. G+ doesn't need to adapt. Devs do.
Wow! Speak for Yourself, Author (and apparently mostly Yourself). I would say that the amount of friends and interaction via G+ is relative and not just based on [insert iCrunch/AppleCrunch/GHater Author here]. I would say the value is relative overall- even if the World and Technology DOES revolve around you and your Garden.
are we still talking about how much of a ghost town google+ is? Really?! ugh...
It seems like a large part of this article is based on the "Google+ is a ghost town" argument without actually stating it explicitly.  I would think that since Google+ has passed Twitter as the #2 most popular social network that people would finally realize how stupid this is, but alas...

Just because the writer's Circles are composed of "a scattershot of tech early adopters and professional contacts with just a few actual friends", it doesn't mean that's true of everyone.  That's a personal problem which can be easily remedied.  I think things like TuneIn would ultimately work better on G+ than on Twitter or Facebook.  I don't really share much in common with people I know IRL when it comes to taste in music, and I really don't care what my friends are listening to.  If my friends started using an app that posted what they were listening to on G+, I would immediate mute those posts, just as I did with those sorts of posts on Facebook before I deleted my entire account.  On G+, however, it's easy to find people with similar tastes whose playlists you might actually want to share. 

This sort of social functionality in an app is more relevant when people are connected by their interests rather than their real-life relationships.  And that's where G+ excels. 
I am wise to "Tech Press" Link Bait posts.  I will continue to live in the +Google+ "Ghost Town" along with millions of other people.  If the "Tech Press" want us to visit their websites then they need to acknowledge that there are more than 50 people using +Google+.
Specifically regarding the TuneIn example, what account access is granted? If, for example, you grant TuneIn access to your Google Music library, then they would have an instantaneously excellent idea of what music you like. I think it's a tad premature to write Sign-In off.
My thoughts are I'm tired of these kinds of articles, especially from sources I've trusted in the past.
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