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Vine has been infiltrated by NSFW video clips already.
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Like we didn't see this coming 5 seconds after it was released.
This is not good to all parents whose kids are into social media.
Porn has been around as long as someone can draw. The form and types my have changed, but I'm not surprised.’s definitely problematic when apps like 500px are pulled from the App Store for similar infarctions.

Do you guys need a proofreader? I'm available and work cheap.
There's porn on t the internet? Shocking! 
Chatroulette: part 2. If you build it, penises will come.
So when is apple going to pull twitter from the app store?
I don't see the problem. 6 seconds of porn at a time? Sign me up! 
(gasp) tech and porn -- who would have thought it?
As a friend of mine used to say "If they took all the porn off the 'net, all that would be left would be a blinking banner saying 'bring back the porn'." 
He was a funny guy.
Who cares.  There is no Android app or web portal.
This just in, Vine web traffic triples in one week
Maybe because 90% of people heard about it for the first time.
The entire web has a 'porn problem'. What's new?
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