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Kickstarter: myLED adds another LED to your iPhone -
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Cal vin
Awesome battery killer...
there is a setting on the iphone to flash the LED light for notifications +D Kertesz  (says the fanboy with Android as his cover photo ><)
+bendilmi sofiane you plug it into your iPhone's headphone jack. Notifications that would normally make noise via the phone's speaker will make the LED light up, instead. Apparently, some people don't like using the built-in LED for notifications for various reasons.
+Nathaniel Graham hmm never heard em. Although i wouldnt really care, if they ask just say its a notif. big deal
also what if i want to listen to music ><
The iPhone already has a built in LED.  Now you can have two.  :-\
David H
So, there are many people who say on the iPhone to turn on the LED feature, but you guys are missing the point (and someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this is from memory). The LED flash only blinks during an alert or ring, etc. It is not constantly blinking to alert you when you have pending notifications (not like Android phones). Another note is that if you lay your phone down on the table, and I think typically people lay the phone with the screen facing up, you will not see the LED blinking even if you manage to get it working for notifications.
David H
+Darius Rosendahl Sorry if I was not clear... I was referring to the LED Alert that is built into the iPhone (uses camera flash) that all the iPhone users are bragging about to use instead of MyLED (TechCrunch commenters). 
+David H lol pointing out a current feature is bragging? and to say all would be quite a jump
I don't get it. I'm not an iphone user so maybe thats why.  I'm assuming the iphone already has a notification led doesn't it?  and if it does why would you want another notification led?  Or is this one better in some way?  I read that it flashed red?  Is the iphone led only white or something?
That's weak. My SGS2 Androids 4.2 home,back,search,menu buttons flash when I have notifications. And this is an example why iPhones are always late to the game. Innovators my ass.
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