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Are the ads on BET racist, or are they targeting the primary demographic?
Most of the comments here and on the actual article are just more racism... note Jon here with his eloquent (twice upvoted) "black people are ..... than white people"... doesn't matter what the middle of that sentence is, it's gonna be something ignorant.
When are we just going to just base things off of how much talent someone has and not by the color of there skin. Better yet can that happen
+Jon DeJesus news flash BET is not owned or operated by African-Americans and hasnt been since was sold to Viacom in 2001. So whats your position now?
+Max Morgan really? That's your rebuttal.. its weak and insensitive to those affected by violence. But then again you must be taking Q's from Fox news
It's the DATA, people.  A number cannot be racist.
+Steve Brown is correct, it is data. Numbers dont see race. You collect data, quantify it and those results don't have opinions. The title of this article using Google's name has been used just to get people to click on the link. I don't believe Google should be blamed for collecting data. If Google were to change their data to make people feel better, that would be a problem for me.
Illiteracy seems to thrive here. Did some of you folks even read the article? The problem here is
A: profiling results without enough randomness stereotypes all search results.
B. Stereotyped search results applied to a group that are already stereotyped doesn't exactly lessen the prejudice.
It's like if all male googlers would get "Need help with that rape charge" just because statistically rape offenders are male.
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