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iPhone 5, Galaxy S III, Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tablets are the big winners in mobile traffic share growth this holiday season. Did you get any of these? -
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The +Nexus 4 number is a shame. Surely it would be greater had there been any of the damned phones available. This has been a major gaffe for Google and +LG USA Mobile 
And it is not available for use on all carriers...that is their biggest issue!
That's funny, we saw a spike in iPad and iPhone that was about half of the mobile spike. As far as me personally, we got a +Nexus 7 and are loving it.
1 billion new devices(smart phones, tablets)  will be sold 2013-2016. 100 billion applications or information services will be sold 2013-2016. Lifetime Studios produces Applications to this enormous soon opening markets. Want to join the team?
If Google and LG had played their cards right and built and delivered enough inventory of the Nexus 4 we would've seen a huge spike for the Nexus 4. I just got a Nexus 7 the other day and is putting my iPad to shame, so I will lay down my iPhone for the Nexus 4 when available.
Wish we could, but right now we are locked into the Verizon dilemma, so it's a Razr Maxx HD...Not by choice but by necessity!
None of those. We got 2 Nexus 7s and 2 Nexus 4s and they are the best phones and best tablets we've ever had.
+Felix Del Rosario I've owned iPad 2/3, iPhone3GS /4, Galaxy Nexus. All but the GN have been sold and every remnant of iOS has been eradicated from our household. ;) 
Purchased a note 2 and nexus 7 and i am in love with them both. Note 2 is something I've never seen, simply amazing the tools this phone has . talk about being productive and multi tasking to its finest. 
I purchased a Kindle Fire HD for my girlfriend for Xmas and she loves it. She's on it right now as we speak, so it has been great for the both of us. No more squabbles over the remote on game night!!!

In my opinion, Apple should sit up and pay attention to Kindle's sales because it seems like Amazon figured out how to provide seemingly the same functionality as the iPad mini and a better HD screen to the average consumer who is not a "techie" for a lower price.
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