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PS4 is Sony’s last stand, and it’s wasting it on a tired strategy that ignores how the gamer is changing -

What do you think?
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Apparently you lot watched a different presentation than I did.  As a gamer, I liked what I just saw; I'm excited about the 8th generation.
RIP OFF, no real time games that even looked/played NEXTGEN! Anyone can pre render these days! I want real time tech demos. Also real specs.
This post just proves that +TechCrunch doesn't know jack squat about gaming. As a gamer, the PS4 looks really promising for the future of gaming.
Gamers focus on a controller a, wicked graphics, and a good system. Not jumping around a room. Your core demographic wants to come home at the end of a long day at work kill something awesome looking. Party games are cool but your core focus is still dudes/girls on their couch by themselves or online.
Wasn't too exciting to me, from what I saw. It just looked like a graphics update.
I'm sold.. Take my money!! I didn't know the Ps4 would make or break Sony? ANY ways I'm sure it'll be a huge seller. Graphics looks epic. Also who cares what Nintendo is focusing on... No one is buying the Wii U lol
To the pre-rendered guy, even the non live demos were in real time, not sure what you were watching/listening to 
I wasn't hugely won over really. The DriverClub demo looked really well polished but that was the best of it for me, Other than that, it could have been the PS3 launch for me to be honest. Shame the controller is basically the same as the last one though. The design is 13 years old now, its about time they looked at replacing it with a better suited controller. 
+Richie Mangan - Re: controller

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Very functional. Added the touchpad, head set jack and light (move integration?). We'll have to see what developers do with it.
+Richie Mangan a lot of people would be pissed if they altered the controller to much. I personally would be pissed. I'm use to it & love it the way it is. They added new things to it so it's upgraded enough imo
Good graphics don't make good games.  A game can have lousy graphics and still be immersive and fun to play.  I think in the race to produce ever more powerful (and more expensive) hardware, Sony and Microsoft have lost sight of that.  The best-selling console of this generation, and by a pretty huge margin, was the Wii, which was basically a glorified GameCube.  The Wii has pretty horrible graphics compared to the XBox 360 and PS3, but it focused on gameplay and consumers responded to that.

And for those who say "hardcore" gamers need good graphics... Anyone remember Goldeneye for the Super Nintendo?  That was pretty hardcore.  Get some skilled players together on 4-player splitscreen, and it's pretty challenging.  For that matter, I dare anyone to tell me that getting the killscreens on Pac Man or Galaga isn't hardcore.  And those games are still fun to play, even though the graphics are laughable by today's standards.

I have a feeling the PS4 isn't going to do very well, partly because of relatively inexpensive consoles to be released this year that actually focus on the games (like the Ouya, Steam Box, and third-party Steam consoles), but mostly because most people who already have a PS3 or XBox 360 will look at the PS4 and not see anything worth the cost of upgrading.  I for one am certainly a lot more excited about the upcoming releases of The Last of Us and Watch Dogs for the PS3 than anything I've heard about the PS4.
I'm upgrading & I like new graphics. Ps4 will sell fine 
The new ps4 is invisible. I like that.
Stef P
Ya TechCrunch its no apple when it comes to gaming.... Right?
Not sold yet and dislike the social part of it don't need more Facebook in my life !
+Mark Lastiwka See that's the problem, It is broken in my opinion, its been broken ever since I made the change from being early teenage me to adult me. Its a perfect controller if you have pretty small hands i'll agree, but average or large hands tend to find it quite uncomfortable after a few gaming sessions. It would be great if they even released 2 or 3 controller options, allowing users to have one that is best suited to them, unlike the current system of using a controller that is supposed to accommodate everyone from a 5 year old to an adult. 
About the social network integration: 1, the ps3 has it now, and 2, you don't have to use it.

I thought Sony did well. They talked about capabilities and specs, then showed what the prototype could do. And it did very well. 
The reason that "hardcore" console games hate on Nintendo is because all they pay attention to is GRAPHIX. As a few have already said, gameplay matters more. That said, the whole "better graphics" thing does seem a bit worthwhile, and the fact that it's not crippled by low RAM is nice too. (256MB, anyone?)
+Lars M. Hansen I understand that I don't have to use but they are making it a big part of the system and integrated into the os so it will be there in your face always unlike the ps3 in which its an afterthought.
Played my PS1 a lot, PS2 not so much (liked my Xbox & Dreamcast better), and my PS3 is only used for BluRays (I like my 360 way better... don't even own a single PS3 disc). That downhill trajectory tells me I won't even bother with a PS4.
Why should I buy a PS4 when they stole a feature of the ps3 from me. No more sony for me.
i completely disagree with the article, seriously you think the kinect is better then the move? having nothing in one's hands sometimes is worse than having a physical controller, and then the person who sees only sculptures and not beyond and past it really fails to see it in the long term, to me it's all a question of fine tuning and really letting imagination flow into the possible applications of both the kinect and the p.move. integration with internet tv at a develper conference is somewhat misleading also, i would have said that sort of things during E3 or CES. this article is just hitting ps4 too hard. i would wait a little more before starting to judge so surely
+Michael reese It's neither a "big part" nor "in your face". There's a share button on the controller which allows you to share content, if you want to. The button is out of the way. Again, I think you are making a big deal about something that is fairly minor. 

I do hope that it's not facebook only, but allow sharing of videos and images to Youtube and picassa (as you can with the PS3). 

While this feature wasn't on the top of my wishlist, it certainly will make it easier to share footage and video from games, for those of us that occasionally enjoy doing so. 

I think #Sony  showed off a lot of good stuff related to the PS4. Loads of memory which will make it a lot easier for developers to do great things on the device, as well as a powerful CPU and GPU. The integration with the PS Vita and smartphones also looks very interesting, as does the ability to buy a game online while at work, and have it delivered to the PS4 by the time you get home. 

Add to that all the regular apps (netflix, amazon streaming services, crackle, etc) as well as some new ones, this certainly looks like a good upgrade to the #PS3. Hopefully, they'll include a real web browser too, unlike that poc they got on the PS3.
No one is buying the WiiU. Sales are about as brisk as Windows 8 and Nokia cell phones. 
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