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Gmail video chat is good...
There's a reason, no IT dept I've ever worked in allows users to install Skype.
+Kenneth Barrett - As a business, my company relies on Skype for some communication. Its ability to connect to other people almost regardless of network issues/design allows us to communicate with sites across the world.
Why anyone would use Skype instead of Google Voice Chat is one of those great mysteries of the Universe. Whomever uses Skype deserves to be hacked. 
+Pedro Calmon Some of us want to make calls to phones outside North America, which can't be done over Google Voice, can it?
Wow, apparently it can! Why did I ever use Skype?
+Tom Webster my experience has been users always want to use Skype because apparently that's all they've heard of. But the fact is there's plenty of more secure options out there.  Now I've always been in IT depts that supported hundreds to thousands of users. Perhaps for smaller operations, Skype works. If it works for you, great. However, as the article points out, it's vulnerable and has been for years even as the product has matured.
Although I get "This item cannot be installed in your device's country" when I try and download from Google Play :(
+Pedro Calmon Ah, if only it were that easy ;) Google knows that my device itself is Dutch, so even accessing from a proxy doesn't help. I got really excited when I went back to the UK the other month because I thought I'd be able to install the BBC iPlayer app, but alas, no. Google knows.
I'd think Microsoft would put more security into a 8.5 Billion dollar business...
For the longest time, Google Voice's call quality was not really that good compared to Skype. Fast forward to the last six months, and the quality is vastly improved along with video chat being far more stable.

The only thing that Skype has over Google Voice right now is a dedicated desktop client (HINT HINT Google, merge Voice and Talk already!). 
As Google is a cloud company, I very much doubt there will ever be a desktop client. It is all browser based. 
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