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This is a sober reminder of how much catching up the legal system needs to do in order to both understand and regulate the way we communicate using social platforms. These outdated laws need to be updated or at the very least people need to be cautioned by legislators ahead of time so they can adjust accordingly. 
That is why I don't post on Facebook...
I would say that people have yet to adjust to the reality of how widespread and permanent their social media communications are.
I'm guessing it is probably unsafe to post anywhere, honestly.  If you state your opinion, you may be liable.  That's kind of sucky, isn't it?
Yep. I think that social media posts should be treated just like any form of speech.
Wow... and I was complaining because the movies I watch are not shown on my FB Timeline... haha
This is idiotic. It wasn't that big of a deal and there are actual crimes going on out there. Stupid.
What if it was a report by the Washington Post? Would the SEC react the same? Social networks are the new media. Relax SEC.
SEC needs to lighten up. Not a big deal. 
This is idiotic. Netflix does not charge a per hour rate. Hence this is not a material fact for investors.
Wow, talk about invasive! What's next? 
This would suck.  I mean if he can't participate in social networks because he's a CEO it would take away a valuable outlet for the occasional CEO who actually wants to engage with the public and keep enthusiasts informed about company developments.

I could understand SEC involvement if he dumped a load of stock after making an announcement to pump up the stock price but imagine Larry Page getting investigated for sounding enthusiastic about Android in a Google+ post.  That's going a bit overboard.
Stupid Luddite bureaucrats interfering in things they do not understand or care about....leave people alone. There are enough douche bankers, frauds and hucksters causing far more damage to the world for you to chase instead of this nonsense...what next? Instagram pictures violate MPAA copyright? 
+John Scott Totally agree with you! It's not like he profited on this. He's just proud of Netflix's feat and wanted to share with every Netflix fan. 
That is quite literally the dumbest argument I have seen recently. The only one that tops that is the "I buy a DVD, you own my DVD" argument. And in close third, the "Downloading something I never would've paid for anyway is stealing money from your business". SEC: Get a life. MPAA: Shut up. Its rich fuckers like you that causes the middle and lower income brackets to not have money to eat. Investigate that.
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