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What happens when reviews stop being stupid, and start being real? THIS.
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Noze P.
It also means that you be forced to create a g+ account right? 
i think this is a good thing.
but all the xxx apps won't have much reviews this way.
Well if your using google play you already have a google plus account :P
I can sense a lot of fake Google+ accounts coming...
Similar to the changes they made to location reviews in google maps. I think it is a good move, trading a smaler number of comments against a better quality.
Good move! Forming, having and stating an opinion is a global right! Showing your name and face is showing backbone, only that makes of you a real human. Shouting in capitals does not.
+Pkmmte Xeleon the fake reviews via fake accounts will more likely show up as G+ already uses authoritative algorithms. Building a fake persona (with fake circle of friends) just to do fake reviews will become an increasingly tedious ordeal.
Hopefully this means I can reply to user comments about my apps now and try to resolves any issues they are having. "It crashed" has never been that helpful.
Great move, but there are so many profiles on Google+ with no picture and bogus names and no pics. I dislike those profiles.
That's a good start. Will we see lower number of reviews as a consequence ? 
Great idea Google
A welcome move, there are a lot of nonsense "reviews" on most App Stores as it is.
Hopefully quality will improve and people won't waste their time with fake accounts. 
Maybe I will start to believe these reviews!
GREAT! Just wish this was combined with the "real name policy" Google+ started with.
I like it. It will be a cleaner more transparent experience.
This can only be a good thing. No more,or rather less bashing reviews than we have had previouly,and more informative reviews. 
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