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Im really looking forward to checking out the Yuga.
Brand recognition problem? It's the naming scheme fault. Branding phones by a name and number works very well when it's easy to understand the number meaning, think iPhone, Galaxy or Nexus. Making sense of Sony's naming scheme is way too complicated.
+Alessandro Mencarini Sony is one of the best update friendly device makers outside of Googles Nexus line. The are practically a nexus builder and prolly will be in the future. 
I was excited about their last phone... I forget the name, but it was like a James Bond phone or something? But I was excited during the hype - once it was released I never heard about it again and I never saw it in any stores, and I'm an AT&T customer.
It all comes down to preference. I PREFER Sony ANY DAY. The displays, the camera, the music(WALKMAN), the UI and of course, the design.   
It looks just like an LG or any other of a dozen generic candybar designs. 
It should have a good quality camera on it, but.. meh.  Ill stick to nexus and samsung devices.
I have intention to buy one of those...
+Michael Quiroz technically, yes. But commercially it's been a huge fiasco. They decided not to distribute it here in Italy and we have no Device Play Store, for example.
But will Sony employ proprietary storage formats like they do with nearly all of their other products? 
Sony is a terrible company.  They are failing because of it too.
No, I wouldn't. And to put that in context, nearly every electronic item I bought since my Walkman in 1984 until about 5 years ago was a Sony. My TVs have always been Sony. My stereo equipment is almost exclusively Sony, and always has been. My computer monitors were Sonys until they exited the business. My first 3 cell phones were Sonys, and they were great.

But these Sony phones are competing with Nexus phones. I want my phones to be unlocked, affordable, and have FAST OS updates. I'd pay a bit more for a Sony than, say, the LG Nexus 4, because I'd rather have Sony hardware and build quality, but I won't pay double, and I won't buy a phone from a company that doesn't make OS updates a TOP priority, and for at least 2 years from release.

I've always liked Sony, but the game is different today, and to ME, at least, these things matter more than the company brand. I also prefer STOCK Android. I could probably live with a custom launcher, but not at the expense of delaying OS updates for 9-12 months.

I get why Samsung uses a customized Android; products like the Note series and even the SIII had some hardware and functionality that wasn't yet supported by Android at launch, but most companies go much further than they need to, and thus make OS updates more difficult, expensive, and delayed. To me, that's CHOOSING failure instead of success. No one buys a phone BECAUSE it has a customized Android, only IN SPITE of it. They buy the phone for the hardware and the Android/Google apps.
your speaking from a geeks perspective. The vast majority of consumers dont give a damn about stock vs touchwiz ect.  They just want it to be pretty and work.
That may be, and I was speaking of ME, rather than the population at large, but smartphones ARE still a geek-driven decision, especially non-iPhones, and without geeks to like your product and talk about it and promote it, it won't sell in significant numbers. I promise you that the tech press, which is heavily slanted towards geekiness, sold far more Galaxy SIIIs than all of Samsung's (substantial) paid advertising.

Smartphones aren't lawn furniture.
They run on Android just like many other phones so what is the difference? Just looks and clever marketing. I am not forking out more money because a new phone comes out with the same operating system. We have been hypnotised by B.S. and we keep coming back for more. Madness really. 
But it's rectangular with round corners, Apple well sue them!
S Mann
What's so memorable about these? Looks like an LG handset.
S Mann
just realized someone already said that.oops
Cool, but is this phone coming to Verizon Wireless? 
Galaxy Note 2 for the win
Do you think the new upcoming Sony phone will unseat Samsung?
Anything is possible Niels but in my opinion Samsung has such a strong lead on the technology front and supply.. It would have to be an mind blowing device to get an advantage over Samsung 
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