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Not surprised, recently bought a chromebook and absolutely love it. 
For what they are, Chromebooks are fantastic devices, especially in educational environments.
I have the new Samsung ChromeBook and whilst it won't replace all of my kit it does a great job of letting me access the things I have online, which these days is a lot.

I can easily see a day when all I need is a browser based OS, that day isn't today but its not far off. 
Why are Chrome OS and Android different projects?
I'm curious, can you get Chrome OS on a laptop that didn't come with it? Those Chromebooks look nice, but what I'd absolutely love would be a device that can run Windows at home when I need certain proprietary software, and then Chrome OS on the go when I'm connecting to wifi.
The Chromebook is the future for real lol. No one who gets on doesnt like it. +Jon Eric it's your Chrome Browser lol.
Ugo Ano
You should take a look at my blog  I'm doing a series on using nothing but Chrome browser for a week to see how offline web apps have developed, and if it's worth getting a Chromebook.  Day 1 has been enlightning!
Used Chrome since it appeared. Hate Microsoft. Love Chrome.
+Aaron Weintraub I get that a lot. My middle name starts with a Z so I'm actually MZ Sigler. And I own a Nexus 4, 7, Chromebook, and Galaxy Nexus, lol. 
I got a ChromeBox... I can't believe how fast it is. Counting the minutes before my ChromeBook gets delivered...
What I really like to see is a touch screen chrome book. Maybe the next version. 
+James Turner, don't worry, you did not miss much
Gasp! It's Larry Elison's 'networked computer'! About 10yrs late....
Still waiting for stock on Amazon lol.
Android could do all that just fine. I don't see much point in Chrome OS.
+Zdravko Skeledzic The point is: EVERYTHING is online.. And using most online Services on Android is a pain in the ass...
Chrome OS will also be much more performant than Android. A "AndroidBook" would need a bigger CPU, more RAM and a bigger HDD. This would result into a more expensive device.

$249 is hard to beat... and for most users, the Chromebook will be just perfect!
The biggest issue with Chrome OS is the lack of client side software. You cant be online all the time, also you cannot transfer large files all the time. There should be client side software for photo and video editing, playing media etc.

The biggest advantage of Chrome OS is for enterprise use. It is a secure and most convenient platform for businesses, governments  using Google Apps for everything anyway. 
+Sven Finke problem is not everything is online. I have 1.5TB of photos and around 3TB videos (with redundant backups). How the hell will I access those online.
+Adam Koncz That's something I also thought about. But in my opinion, stuff like personal photos and videos should alsways be saved on - at least one - external HDD. This HDD  can also be used with Chrome OS, can't it? But you will have to upload them if you want to edit photo's I guess.

The ChromeBook won't be a replacement for every PC, but e.g. my parents are only using the PC to check their mails and use facebook. A ChromeBook would be perfect for them!

The lack of "real" client side software isn't such a big disadvantage, but there has to be some kind of "offline mode" where you can use app's like Google Drive.
Most of us do the same, connect with friends & family. The cloud has been home for my 'stuff' since its inception. I do keep my important things on a drive, however. Once you use Chrome & the family of Google tools it's hard to get excited about anything Windows.
+Sven Finke  Yes I know that I agree on exactly but with all the USB ports on this, you can grab a real nice flash drive pretty cheap. I seen 64GB for 34 dollars around that price anyway. Thanks for your comment
It is all about use cases... for most people a chromebook is all what they need (I am seriously considering one as a xmas present for my mum it would remove most of the "support calls" - no viruses, no lost data, no computer playing up). For some people like me (software development), photoshoppers, cad etc is definitely not enough - even if i dread taking my laptop with me while travelling and I can definitely use one - but only as long as I can Bluetooth tether with my phone!
+Piero Filippin Exactly. I would never use one of these Chromebooks. I just can't work on them. And for home on my couch, a tablet is perfect.
+Piero Filippin you could use you're desktop trough a chromebook with chrome remote desktop. I know i do occasionaly.. but well i rarely power up my computer nowadays, my chromebook cover all my need except gaming :)
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