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My favorite thing from CES so far is _______.
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Sony Xperia Z :) And the Xi3 computers looks nice as well :)
 Maybe I was expecting too much, but am I the only one who was disappointed by this year's CES?  With the exit of every one of the major OS makers, this year's show really felt like a whole lot of vaporware from second tier players.  Yes, I know there were a lot of big names and yes there were some stand out products (project shield, Tegra 4 and Samsung's new Arm based processor).  However, to me this year's CES seemed like a lot of warmed-over older products; marginal hardware improvements to existing high-end devices; a massive amount of vaporware; and not much by way of "wow factor".  As with prior years even though some windows products were released, the show seems like it was really one giant Android show (props to Google for pulling that off despite not being there).  Maybe I was expecting too much from CES, but I can't help but be disappointed.  That said, I'm really looking forward to Google I/O this summer.  For me, at least, that seems to be the place where the big announcements are increasingly being made.

Any thoughts?
The sharp-witted TechCrunch writeups. Hollah.
It'd have to be the Shield or Ubuntu for me.
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