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Apple shouldn't have taken Google maps out in the first place.
Oh well. What's done is done. At least we get turn by turn with this version
maybe that's what it took? google thought they were special and wouldn't get removed no matter how far behind the iOS version of maps got compared to the droid version.
now they have competition and if they want to be #1 on iOS they'll have to work for it.
Google Maps, 'Hail to me iOS drones!!' 
It's the most... magical time... of the year, this changes everything, AGAIN!
Searched for Google Maps in the apps store but wasn't the first thing to come up, scrolled across a bit and found it. Was hoping to see the Android version of maps unfortunately they didn't go that far but it still decent. Its got the turn by turn (not for public transport though.) Also has the Zagat review stuff which can be helpful. This will be my preferred maps app on iOS, for one it doesn't think I live in a cafe (Unlike some other map apps...naming no names.)
Isn't it possible to convey a thought and/or show intelligence without using vulgar words? What are ya', sixteen? C'MON MAN!?!?!
So happy to not be late to everything anymore. So much less stress.
Now only if you could make it the default map app. I kinda feel bad for iPhone users :P
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