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I hope I'm not going from either.  :)
Mobile...that too from basic mobile :)
Dαn J
Nope shut it down. It's a very boring site. 
Ok, who scanned the QR Code though?
I only use the web version when there is something I can't edit from the mobile version, so probably every three weeks. I'm always shocked at how much crap is in the side panels.
Web, the new Facebook Android app is a joke.  I use it to browse but not much more.
Also the website is much better if you use Social Fixer (formerly known as Better Facebook), AdBlockPlus and Ghostery.
I don't use Facebook, but my wife tends to access it from her phone much more than desktop.
I tried to do the math to figure this out, but I keep getting a divide by zero error...
Nuked my Facebook account last month. Best thing I ever did. Now I have more time for Google+
There are people who still go to Facebook? 
Don't have facebook!
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