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Poke is already the #1 free iOS app 
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so glad I do not have an iPhone
Would you use it on Android?
+TechCrunch: absolutely not. I don't want to sound all trollish, but no, I just wouldn't. I don't like the concept of not being able to see things later, and I think that time locked messages make me grumpy. Perhaps I'm just getting old and crotchety (31y/o) but I really don't value this right now.
I don't even use it on my pc, wth would I do with it on my phone/tablet? As far as I am concerned, facebook is for trolling douche bags and mentally inadequate people.
Don't have an Android phone either. Got an Android tablet gathering dust somewhere. I think I will have to take a crotchety page from +Shivian Morgan 's book. It makes me angry to see what trash people put on Facebook, if it were not for a handful of international friends (who for some reason will not use google+) I would give up on FB. Poking would be the last straw, especially since nobody has poked me since 2006. I guess the short answer is 'no'.
Isn't the #1 just because of the hype and everyone always has to see what FB is working on, and NOT because it actually is a meaningful app!
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