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I'ld lose it and be upset, or break it.
The watch isn't a bad idea, but it doesn't compare to Glass.
I personally disagree with almost everything the author has to say.  I take off my dumb watch every night.  A 1 week charge would not be an issue becuase I could easily plug it in every night.

This is the primary point that is made and I find it to be flawed.  I also do not think that it has tobeat a regular watch at it's own game.  So many people these days have stopped wearing watches because their phones do the job better. People are not using smart watches to replace their watch, they are wearing smart watches to augment their phone.  They are not in direct competition with traditional watches as the author implies.

I do however agree that they should be durable.  Not decades durable though.  They need to be, "Oops I bumped into a wall" durable. Water resistant would be nice as well.
Is this their idea of innovating?
No thanks. My old school GMT II will last forever...and I love my Motorola Droid Maxx HD to much.
This ieverything is beyond played out.
i bet you couldnt keep an iwatch safe from nazi's the same way lol
I don't doubt the iWatch will have a nice design, but what about the content? iTunes sync with bluetooth headphones? Booooring. This will turn out like their Maps adventure, because they don't have the data sources like Google. I'll spend my money on Google Glass or Google Now watch - not an iPod to strap on my wrist.
I guess I'm one of the few people who actually thinks it could be cool. I mean, would you rather have a flexy-screen awesome iWatch from Apple, or be wearing glasses with little screens in the corner from Google? :l
Not really sure I understand the point of it. So like it's going to display the time, weather, maybe notifications. Are we to lazy to pull out our phones. I'm guessing it will need to be paired with your phone anyway, who wants to pay a data bill for a watch. So that's a no for me. 
I WOULD NEVER GET an iwatch...GOOGLE GLASS is all WE need. I mean, Google Now works amazing, way better than Siri and way faster, understands commands better and on point and they are going to add to it with the next version of Android. It looks like a more condensed and fully finished product with a camera and augmented display...everything in one. iwatch seems more of a redundant idea.
I don't need an article to tell me i don't want it.
It depends on what its capable of doing some people might use it. But most likely it won't be worth it.
I want a dozen ! One for everyone in the extended family !! 
I don't need this. I never used wrist watch. 
Google Glass over iwatch any day of the week, even on its best day.
Oh christ, they're two separate products, you dumbasses.
I'm with this columnist: it just doesn't add enough.
Quite amazing that despite not having hands on experience with either products people on this list have outright rejected both ideas and some of them think wearing a glass on your face is a better idea than wearing a watch..... how deranged does one have to be to believe that. Fact is both products are going to have some unique value propositions none of which we clearly know (well we do know some about the Glass) but not enough at all about the iWatch. The other thing is how well these propositions are going to adapt to the real world? I would bet money on a glass because lets face it nobody wants an annoying thing in front of ones eyes all the time. In that respect I'd think the Glass project is doomed for failure. If the iWatch has functions that have not been predicted by now it might work, but, it has only a slightly more chance than the glass to succeed. 
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