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Google’s #1 asset is its ability to empathize with its users through design and product development. Do you agree, or disagree? -
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You think... There's really no way to be sure.
Agree.  Google has mastered the art of understanding the user experience by using the data we users generate.  Also, there is more of a direct connection between software engineers writing the code and users.  In many companies there is gap between the users and and software engineers which leads to mediocre products. 
Disagree. I think Google's #1 asset is data, and boat loads of it.
Google base are belong to them for us through design for this all
It seems that Google always tries to come up with something new and different to please their customers.
Agree goggle knows me better then my family 
Sure +Tau-Mu Yi, but if Google did not empathize with its users through design and product development no one would ever use their products and services, which means Google would not have the data to "exploit". It is a bit of a chicken/egg thing you have going on there.
Google has really applied themselves by embracing  #designthinking . It'll be interesting to see what 2013 brings. So far so good. 
Ask the end users of Google's very own Motorola what they think, especially the ones locked into contracts with devices stuck on Gingerbread after Google came in and silently cancelled updates those users had been waiting nearly a year for and the only effort they made to make it up to people was to give them a $100 trade in program, one that they were still ironing out the details for months after its announcement. So either those users paid enormous fees to get out of their contract just get $100 to give Motorola another chance, or they ride out their contract with an outdated OS full of security vulnerabilities on an device that Motorola abandoned. 
Disagree, this is the information age, and Google owns it all.
Nobody expects the Google inquisition! Among our chief assets are: boat loads of data, empathy for the consumer, and a very cute name!
Wasn't much empathy when all those updates got cancelled
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