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Final Fantasy IV comes to iOS devices Dec. 20, giving us another chance to pay for it again -
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Hey, don't we pay for everything millions of times over these days? That's what the e-conomy's all about.
I am not a FF fan because I know few thing about it.
But it is anyway welcome on the iOS platform.
This is a promising trend for more FF games on iOS. So eventually FFVII will make it, with more people willing to pay $20 for it. 
Let me know when FFVI (US-FFIII) comes out. I'll be all over that!
+Jason McFadden  of coz it will be more FF games coming to ios... just take a look at how many games square enix had released on threr so far , and those annoying android users like +Paweł Karpiński  +David Jacko lurks around every ios related article are just so ANNOYING , saying why not on android when is android version  blah blah blah !  apps free on Android with ads as they know that if they charge even $.99 for it, people will just download a copy of it for their rooted device....Android users, the largest collection of pirates anywhere.
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