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Amazon launches ‘Amazon Coins’ in its first move into virtual currency, targets apps and games on the Kindle Fire -
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wondering if this could lead to consumers side-stepping sales tax?
I'm wondering how big something like this could get globally, whereby you have other businesses become somewhat based on the currency. The income potentially feeds an array of destinations.  Does it become "too-big-to-fail?" What happens when the company takes it's platform to another country?  Does it even matter?

It seems like the government is going to have to eventually inject itself in this.

This reminds me of the virtual stuff that goes on with online games which seems to have been the biggest actual use through various MMORGs, gold farming, etc.
+Mark Persuitte It seems more likely that virtual currency is going to really take off from a single product/service platform (Amazon/eBay/Paypal) as opposed to a currency platform being adopted by multiple sites/people.

In the case of games, it depended upon and it's success was related to the popularity of the product.

Looks like BitCoin is starting BitPay
+Mark Persuitte Yeah, I was going to say something about bitcoins.  Too bad that currency isn't more/at all popular in the surface web.
easy.... the FED will have them killed for it devalues the dollar faster than what they want...... as long as it is not used to buy oil..... they should be safe.
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