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DARPA builds a 1.8-gigapixel camera that can spot six-inch targets from 20,000 feet -
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Actually it's 17,500 feet but who's counting?
j owen
Eye of the keyhole here.
Cool, but very scary. I am imagining how big of a data center you would need to store 600Gb per second of data. Probably of mostly inert, mundane, and useless footage. What a waste of money. 
+James Smith Doesn't it make you feel proud to know they will be spying on their own citizens, and make no apologies about it. The best decryption and hardware OUR tax money can buy, to make all of us criminals in our own country. 
Just to give a little context to this clip, this was from a pbs show about the evolution of drone warfare, and this camera solution is meant for the remote controller to see things outside the zoomed in camera in case civilians enter the area of fire.
They are probably talking about uncompressed data.
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