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Are you among the millions who purchased a Huawei phone recently?
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Nope, not popular in Malaysia market
Beat HTC and Sony?! Impossible!!
I think +richard ralph has a valid point, Huawei might be a popular brand in China market. 
Huawei is thriving in China. That's it. That's enough.
Nope me.. i wonder why htc isnt in the third place?
Samsung 29%
Apple 21.8%
Huawei 4.9%

other player really have a lot to catch up, combination of Samsung and Apple is more than 50% 
+Roy Ngan that's a healthy piece of the pie still available for someone to enter the fray! C'mon Nokia get on the Android train!

I would expect a different % table next year though. Reading the various reports it would appear Apple seem to have peaked and will either maintain that % or start to drop and I doubt Samsung can/will maintain that sort of advantage.

IF +Google get their act together and properly distribute the +Nexus I think they might be eating a piece of that pie next year. 
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