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Twitter needs to come up with something to make it not totally worthless
Confirms my suspition that twitter was made for celeberties. Not a very useful tool for the average person. 
I just recently watched a show with a live twitter feed that crawled along the bottom. It irritated the shit out of me because it was distracting as all hell, and whenever I would let my eyes accidentally read a tweet it would be a reminder of how boring most twatters really are. Maybe twitter integration with TV would be more interesting to me if actually used twitter itself, but I doubt it.
I'm really just waiting for the Netflix social network, if they'll ever have one anyway. The way I see social networks is this:

Google Plus: professional, newsworthy and, searchable social content.

Facebook: clean, simple and, a place for friends.

MySpace: dead.

Twitter: a place to say something quick and to follow your favorite celebrities.

Instagram: a place to share pictures with family and friends.

Tumblr: A blog with a real time feed that supports gifs? (To be honest, I tried really hard to get into it but couldn't)

Path: still doesn't know what they're trying to do, a little to much information is taken and shared so maybe for your significant other?

Netflix having a social network for the purpose of movie fan lovers would be wonderful. I'd really like to see some kind of merger between IMDB so Netflix could still have a social experience with movies they don't "own" that could possibly even get movies to Netflix faster is something is "trending".

Just an opinion with a thought.

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