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Samsung expects another record quarter in Q4: $8․3BN profit, on sales of $53․6BN 
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Nat J
+Edwin Fong  Either way competition is good for consumers.
Still can't believe apple's patent plea regarding the rectangle with rounded corners. That's the most stupidest thing I've ever seen. Maybe Microsoft's powerpoint should pay some royalties because it has an insert-shape feature of a rectangle with rounded corners... Just doesn't make sense to me, still.... LOL
The first LG Prada was on sale months before the first iPhone. It was rectangular with rounded corners and had capacitive touchscreen too. Yes, capacitive touchscreen yet there are people who believe Apple 'invented' capacitive touchscreen when somebody else before Apple already using it in their products, even too ignorant to the point that they believe Apple is on the right side in their crusade against you know what. I'm not really siding with Samsung but I don't want another loss because should Samsung lost another battle who knows which Android phone maker will become Apple's next target?
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