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iPad mini display under the microscope: not as good as iPad 4th gen, but much better than iPad 2 -
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Its just another 7" tablet. Get over it already. How many articles can you post on a product that takes no risks and is not exciting (at all).
And the human eye stopped telling the difference when?
The same resolution in a smaller screen that leads to more ppi means the screen is better? Who would have guessed? Thank God someone made a graphic! 
I was at Best Buy today, got a hands on look at the iPad Mini. Form factor and size were absolutely perfect.....then I turned it on and looked at the screen and thought it was a joke. The display was awful. I don't see how anyone could pay $329 for that. Great app ecosystem or not, I couldn't bare to even look at text it was so pixelated. What a waste.
Seriously? We know it isn't as good as the iPad fourth generation! The fourth gen iPad has a much faster processor and it has a retina display. Common sense. 
Yet using it doesn't seem to be that hard coming from an iPad 1 or 2. I'm for the ecosystem and integration with other apple products. It just works. 
My grandmother's breadmaker also "just works". 
Ahh. It must be the iPad4 better :-)
+Erik Bilbrey people will buy because, just like the iPhone 5, they'll try to convince themselves that is the best thing ever created and paying almost the double than a Nexus 7 is worthy because "it just works" 
7 inch tablets or iPad minis are for people on a budget.
+George Arroyo not necessarily, there's a growing number who prefer the 7" model over the 10" simply for transportability, one handed usability and of course price.
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