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nah...pundits MUST have their own 15 minutes of fame, and they will still keep on saying things that they think will guide us...kinda like movie critics!
No, I do not believe it is dead considering how many people do not understand the math behind Nate's predictions and therefore felt it perfectly reasonable to ridicule him.  I do, however, believe it will continue to change how politics are shaped and viewed. 
Science and math work.  It is not surprising that it worked.  It is surprising that there are people that want to ignore the scientific method.
Pundits don't state their predictions in order to let you know who is going to win. They state their predictions in hopes that they can change the outcome. 

They hope that when they say "<insert candidate here> is going to win this election by over 100 electoral votes for sure!" you will think "oh, well no point in voting if my guy is going to lose by a landslide anyways..." or "Oh, I guess I don't need to vote for my guy since he already has plenty of votes anyways".

They will never go away :/
Math just became relevant.  If anyone read Nate's blog, I think he did a pretty good job explaining his metrics and methods - I'm math challenged and I understood.
Math has always been relevant.  :)
It was painful watching the pundit class fill air-time after the election was effectively over at around 11:00.  They were just repeating banalities at each other and making predictions utterly divorced from reality - just to fill the dead air at the end of the horse race.
+Zoran Vila lol I would have tried but after reading comments from several US House Science Committee members, I think I would be doing nothing but hitting my head against a wall.  :(
Was punditry ever really alive to begin with?
+Kevin Medina Well, it's always seemed pretty ossified to me. I honestly cannot remember the last time I actually learned something from anyone in the "pundit club."
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