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HBO Inks Exclusive Deal With Universal To Keep Content Out Of Netflix's Hands
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Yayy! Big companies making sure consumers loose... again. 
Good thing I have Netflix and hbo go 
I wonder how long it will take for the studios to realize they are losing sales by playing these games.   If a movie takes too long to come out on Netflix I tend to forget all about it.  The studios have to realize that the days of people driving to movie theaters or the store to buy a DVD are mostly over.  People want convenience and anyone that doesn't deliver that is going to suffer lower sales.
Here's a "crazy" thought, what if people could see the movie at home instead of the theater? I would imagine that when a movie doesn't show up on a service like Netflix that some people may just download it anyway, rather than driving to a store to buy or rent. But I a consumer, I obviously don't know what I want. Thank you studios for telling me how I should get my content and making it really hard for content providers to provide actual content.
In a world where content producers are fighting tooth and nail for viewers' eyes, these guys decide to make sure that their content can be viewed in fewer and fewer ways. Brilliant. 

Universal, what ever amazing movie you put out, by the time it's available on a service I use, I will have forgotten about it, because I will have seen 5-10 other amazing movies, and watched hours upon hours of amazing TV. I'll have watched hundreds of cat videos on YouTube, read thousands of articles in Google get the point.
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