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couldn't care any less than i care at this current time. 
Don't use them, don't like them, don't need them. ;] is more than enough as it comes to me.
What's wrong with using Apple's Emoji keyboard?
they will not be missed.
Just another example of Apples hatred for competing services. What next, all the mapping apps get removed because iOS 6 has that built in too? That would cause an uproar!
Just another example of Apples hatred for competing services.

I don't believe they should remove anything as long as it works and doesn't break the law.
why would anyone ever pay for these...when you can get them for free...??? #lulz  
Nooooo I luv emoji 😲😐😫😖😁
Now their just going out of their way to lose market share... Deleting apps is a mistake. They harm no one. Oh well, deleting google maps was the right decision too.

Elina B
aw. . . and its too bad they don't make them for Android, I cant even see Emoji on my Android device
Look at what you've done +TechCrunch ! You've reminded everyone about their emoji (or rather those mysterious black squares) keyboards!
Apple always does this when they want to release their own app.
Most amazing thing Apple has done in the last year.  
Apple suck anyway, all i get is squares when someone puts emoji in a text, stupid walled garden shit.
about time ! ... I stopped using them when i was 12 years old.
In fact, in the past iOS versions (4.0-) the emoji keyboard is disabled outside Japan, for this reason to enable that you need to use an app (I used a free app, but someone make very money with a "emoji pro").

Now, in the last two versions (5.0+), the emoji keyboard is available for all users, for that reason you don't need to use an app to rack anymore.

I'm current use iOS 6 (this crap), and I can use emoji right the way.

A personal impression: Google is make the Android (software and hardware) better and better. In other way Apple is disappoint me day after day. I think to change to green robot, but I don't want to spend more $500 in my apps. The Apple jail me in the App Store. =(
+Allan Christian Thanks for sharing your personal tragedy. Poor guy, My heart is aching as I'm writing this on my iOS device... What you have is not a first world problem, no, it's an agony so painful, I'm sobbing all over my retina display while I'm writing this. I hope you can recover from soon. 
by that logic apple map should be kick out 1st
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