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Do you think Congress could learn some lessons from Silicon Valley?
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I stopped reading at "drastic spending cuts" it's barely 2% of the budget. 
I'd say government should be more like business if it was meant to be a for-profit corporation, but its not. For instance, private insurance won't insure old people, its not profitable, so we have medicare because we know old people wouldn't be cared for if left to the wolves of capitalism (and I'm a proud wolf!).

+Joe Levin sure it's 2%, but thats a shit ton of cash coming out of our pockets. $85,000,000,000 (85 billion) a year.

I wager I won't ever be liquid more than 1 million before I die!

If thousands of people don't get a paycheck, they won't be buying stuff from my fam. business, so it will "trickle down" and people that think they're immune may be affected.

We need to cut, definitely! But in this instance, the cuts are equal "across the board" from all sources, so without priority, we end up cutting efficient programs and not cutting enough from inefficient programs. The cuts arent specific.

My fam. business would NEVER just cut everywhere equal! We would prioritize our best and worst.

Its time to stop talking about deficits and taxes and discuss actual growth.
50% cut for military spending - talk to someone who has family in the military.
There are 2 plans on the table that do what you are talking about +Jimbo Rizza but the Senate won't take them up. In reality it's going to end up being like .5% anyway and it's doubtful anyone actually feels it. Besides it's not like the budget hasn't grown by 600% between the Last two administrations. 
+Jason Argiro you sir are uninformed. Military salaries are exempt. You going to tell me that old people will be eating cat food next? 
I guess congress doesn't want people working at home anymore - keep it really in the club
I think its simply a ridiculous idea. If someone is really trying to change the human interaction agenda, they should work on the schools' society, not on grown up people who look for minutes of quietness to finish up a project thats running late.

Being from an office where most of my day is filled with "interactions," I could use some alone time. True people abuse the WFH business, but most fast paced companies dont leave you enough time to properly think about what you work on, and heck, all those Nerf gun fights etc. take away about couple of hours of my day as well.

Yahoo! might need a push to get back in the competition but this is gonna hurt real hard workers out there. Hope most companies make the right decision after all.
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