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Flipboard "goes big" on Android, users rejoice.
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iOS had Flipboard on iPad like... forever. Wow, I didn't know Android is so behind Apple. 
+Dragos Jianu i think Flipboard and Currents takes a slightly different approach. Flipboard pushes web contents in the topics of interest whereas Currents the user needs to handpick the websites of interest before anything is pushed. (obv Currents has a What's Hot feature too but I don't think that's its main feature.)

Long story short, I happily use both side by side.
+Jenine Gilbert yes Currents is indeed gorgeous and i love how it uses gesture to switch across websites under the same category.
+Nino Novak , Android isn't behind, Flipboard is behind.  And second, we don't care because Currents is better than Flipboard.  Sucks to be an iOS user, I guess.
Also, Currents on iOS crashes. I don't know if I am the only one sailing in the iOS ship.. 
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