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Do you use Yahoo! Mail? It's faster now. 
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Never use long long time ago!
Havent use any yahoo product for ages.
Yahoo Mail was abandoned for Gmail...a looong time ago :-)
Too much of limitation. Gmail is far better.
No, I use gmail. And, you're plugging ymail on google plus. That's rich
I'm using gmail but yahoo mail always load faster than gmail since 3-4 years ago. And this new version looks better than gmail.
Good move but I m afraid they r late
My heart can't beat faster. What will be next? Altavista is faster now too? XD
Too late for Yahoo the dark days are upon them
Uuuups, Yahoo! is a bit too 90ies for me.
I want to see Yahoo succeed but Yahoo Mail is just awful.
It may be faster, but is it more secure? I think not, as every friend email address that has been hacked by spammers has been a Yahoo address. It's to the point that I won't send mail to any Yahoo address, because it's not a question of if the account will be hacked and I will be spammed, it's a question of when.
I use Yahoo mail for my spam emails.
What exactly is faster about Y!Mail? Even settings and profile editing is slow as hell now ;) you click 'profile settings' and wait for 15 seconds...
I abandoned my yahoo email account too long ago that I can't even remember when...  Gmail is the best!!!  :-D
Sure, because I still live in 2002.
Yahoo are faster to get bloated by spam. Yes indeed. 
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