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"Just one more reason to love G+."

Although, I think this teeters on being spammy. 
good point.  as long as users are the ones posting these links and not the system.  on fb mobile, there are always "install this app" advertisements at the top of the news feed.  can't get rid of them either...
Oh yay, more advertising masked as socializing!!!  :-D
Ugo Ano
Just tried it for the Cyman app - works a treat! Thank you Google!
+Eddie Yasi So you'll call your circles advertisers whenever they share something? I live it when people make assumptions before reading and becoming informed.
If it is advertising, it's an example of an ad done right. People are already going to say hey I like this here is a link. If they make it that much easier for me to just install without having to go to another site? Cool with me.
+Kwasi Bunsie Of course not in all cases, but I'm already seeing lots of independent authors "socializing" on g+ and other networks when their main goal is clearly to boost their e-book sales.  I'm afraid this could lead to similar behavior from app developers.  
+Eddie Yasi If you don't want to see users promote their product, just don't follow them. It is unlikely that someone with a vested interest in a product will not do what they can to promote it.
+Eddie Yasi If you don't like promotions from people, uncircle them or even block the person and you will not see anything from them.  
Ummm, yes I realize that +Franklin Morrison, I'm just saddened because I used to like going through my 'these people added you to their circles' notifications and taking a look at each.  It's gotten too cumbersome to do lately because I have to wade through more and more promotional-type accounts that I don't use that approach any more.  

Not a big deal though because I've found using people's comments on friends' posts as a great way to find enjoyable people to circle. :)
I think the biggest difference is that unlike facebook, here you only see these if you are subscribed to whoever is making the post.  personally I like the direct connection, especially if I'm subscribed to some App review feeds.
Great idea Google!!! Now I can get the best from people who matter to me. Not that constant barrage on the other guys place.
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