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Looks like the Samsung Note 8 is going to look like a giant Samsung Note II. As it should.
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It kind of looks like an old school Kindle with an LCD screen. :P
I'd use a bigger Note II. So why not take the Note 8 and turn it into a Smartphone. It might be a bit tight to fit in my pockets though.
+John Ro after reading i can see it is cheaper, free stylus, multi tasking ... features that crapple device don't have
This Note could be much better than the N7. How much do you think would I spend to own this?
If it takes after the Note 2 it should have no trouble surpassing the iPad mini in functionality.
+Ryan Light Thanks for your price analysis. That would come out to be a lot of money, but if they intend to be aggressive as you've mentioned, then anything below $300 would be more competitive.
Alan Ng
say on the street that cost 200
is an incredible price
and will have 3G included
prepare their ass chicks mini buyers
I have to continue watching... I need switch my original Galaxy Tab 10.1, a new 10" or 8"? Next months will be interesting. 
Am using Note2 right now,really satisfied with overall performance n functions...but i think the Note 10.1 way better than this 8" Note...
I also have a note 2, but my Galaxy Tab is my reading device In it feel like need to be upgraded. I also think 10" can be better option and also I want to see the new Tab 3.
Migs B
Loving my note 2, the note 10.1 would be better for me than the note nexus 7 seems to small now 
I like my HTC but would very much like to have a phone with a screen like that ....!
Alan Ng
this is going to sell and sell much,good price good specifications
You'll see
Same here +Yehudaa Rafano. I have a GN2 and an old 7" nook color. I've considered replacing the nook, but not for something 7 or 8". 
Will it be compatible with the Samsung Smart Dock for Note2?
Dear +Ryan Light , not confirm yet but price will start at usd 299 compare to iPad mini which starts at usd 329 ... i read a lot of articles not just this one ... I'm not a gSheep ... I'm planning to get the surface pro and surface phone if Microsoft will make one, thank you.
I could easily see myself purchasing this tablet. While the Note II and 10.1 are great devices I don't prefer those particular form factors.
I don't know what's wrong with everyone's sight but that's the ugliest thing I've seen in a long time! But I shall reserve judgment until I actually see it. For now ill stick with my N4 and N7
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