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Oprah tweets her love for the Microsoft Surface... using an iPad. LOL. -
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Ow, My 1st thought was: she is giving them away to the audience.....
I just upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7. Keep your Surface.
Her lov$$$ you mean... MS must be paying some nice bucks to get that merchandising going.
I thought Oprah was done...and gone :(  what an attention-whore.
Tech Crunch: our source for Oprah news.

Really, does this surprise anyone?
you forgot to mention that she tweeted using Google Chrome for iPad lol
The biggest hypocrite in the world...Im so happy this came out!
I had posted my impressions on the Surface from my Nexus 7. I can appreciate something without owning it. I would have to buy mine though - I'm sure Oprah was given hers for free so that she would Tweet about it.
Actually you can't see what she tweeted from. Twitter took that ability away. So..
Just imagine if Oprah "double dipped" and was actually paid off by Apple to send that tweet from an iPad.  If so, that would be an outstandingly well played marketing coup by Apple.
Uh... guys... it's Oprah. You know, the richest woman in showbiz? The one who owns $1.5 billion? Methinks she can afford both an iPad and a Surface... 
This Twitter post was reported by TechCrunch ... shared on Google+. LOL fail.
Oh wait, no body cares.
Lots of hate, I am not a big fan never was but she is the one laughing in this picture all the way to da bank.
I doubt her audiance differentiates between an iPad, Android or Surface her (and her followers) these are all "iPads". 
Does Oprah tweet herself? Or is it someone on her behalf? Just wondering... (and yes, I'm writing this on an iPad)
Billionaire being woo'd by a billionaire company.  You know that she either doesn't know what she's talking about or she's being paid.  The surface (WinRT) doesn't run Windows software, is buggy, and slow.  That alone says she doesn't know what she's talking about.  Or she's being paid to look past it and push it out to her minions.
Sorry, but everyone complaining about this is lacking in imagination. The most likely scenario is that her ipad is 3g, and she had no wifi, so she simply posted from the ipad. 
omg no! My world is shattered! How ever will I live on with this horrifying news!
She probably will receive a paycheck from Microsoft. Then she can buy the new Ipad 4.
There is a kind of software named PhotoShop on our planet.
There nothing wrong with that.

that's why she posts from her apple devices, huh?
She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, in fact I'm so glad her show ended,then her network failed just wish she wouldn't keep opening her mouth period! The only thing she may be useful for are fat jokes and possibly a model design for a mosquito collection system for an entire country!
Awesome; dam she knows how to get "Job" done. LOL
Awesome; dam she knows how to get "Job" done. LOL
she's probably getting kick-backs
Maybe she is in transition to the Surface. LoL
ho mo
maybe she was just hungry and saw a buffet
Adam B
You actually think Oprah sent that tweet?  
You are all dumb, he surface doesnt have a twitter app yet.
Oprah pays some random person to tweet for her. Just FYI.
+Jacob Bishop there are a few twitter apps in the Microsoft store, gleek, metrotweet, rowi, metrotwit, tweaker, twitflokr pro, wall of silver, tweeterlight
Ryan Ng
She is not a boss
kay sam
Thats awesome:) Some one has to do it... why not operah
Sick people, thanx for making it big for microsoft surface, it got the popularity from all your sick comments. Keep it up Oprah.
what happened to her
did she win a trip to see her "long lost husband"
The Surface is about as relevant as Oprah is these days.
I agree with you Edwin. Ipad users and enthusiates don' like the thought
that another great tablet can exist. Let me remind them of Samsung.....
I really do not see the big deal. I love Porsche and if I suddenly should get hold of a LOT of cash I would show up to buy a Skoda. That metaphor is not that bad, come to think of it. 
Perhaps her intern that does her tweets had an iPad? Besides, who says you can't love all of them? I own both.
Microsoft paid a dumbass, or, she have 12 enemies she would like to annoy.
All about the payment lol 
Who is this Oprah person?
Would love to get paid to endorse something via me Twitter account. Don't suppose my 30 followers be very interested though
That looks like a Surface in her hand though?
Next your gonna tell me she was paid to endorse her books of the month. ;)
This paid promotion was brought to you by....
Didn't anyone notice that her supposed iPad was connected to T-Mobile? Photoshop anyone? Let's all go back to real life now.
I thought one wore an eye pad on one's eye???
i don't think that is an iPad...
i see my petter hang out rayn ng iam sarry ipot this on you
Sam Cox
lol.  I love those conflicting moments.
She knows how to make money. Her name put on any product carries a lot of weight(so does she). It is the job of the CEOs to find ways to make money for their stock holders and they knew if they could get
Oprah that means millions of customers(especially if she gave her audience free Surface/Ipad). But most people do not see that. Money loves Money and Money follows Money.
...because someone couldn't possibly own both.  I own a Nexus 7 and a Surface and the world hasn't ended. 
Simple Minded people like Oprah too....
What the fuk is a surface and who gives a shit 
Well since I'm on my iPhone, I guess I can't say how much I enjoy using Android devices. Since these days you have to pick one or the other. Haters gonna hate.

Oprah gives more back to the people than all the haters on this thread combined, multiplied by 1,000.
the surface is awesome.  get over it mac people.  Apple is dead in the water
I tell you, this is messed up, who would say, "I love the new Microsoft Surface!" on an iPad...? ._.
I love this SURFACE but my fingers are greasy from the hostess I had in the limo
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Rofl got to love paid celebrity endorsement. 
It shows the ignorance of some celebs. It also shows she is a liar or too stupid to think her audience would catch her.
She also doesn't know how to pump her own gas...
Her well paid love.  Microsoft's Windows 8 marketing campaign is as transparent as it is disgusting.
Isn't she in mourning since hostess went out of business?
I just fucking hate that fat tired dyke, whatever this fat bitch does she got to run her dicksucker about it
Oprah take your Lyin tired hater ass on you fat ugly fake bitch. And thats the good shit I think about you

Do us all a favor go somewhere and hide you two faced slut.
Microsoft should give the surface for FREE so people will start using it!!!
I do love how responsive & fluid Windows 8 is on the tablets 
ipad is good.. i would use the ipad for conviniences too.
somehow, i bought andriod tablet SONY S. not sure why!!
And this dumb ass is worth how much? 
Why dont she buy a shit load of those and give to poor american children here

With all her wealth she could help peoples kids in hurricane sandy areas
Ryan Ng
On an iPieceofshit? Ironic
It's not actually an iPad you can see that if you look hard
I wish Microsoft would pay me to endorse the Surface Tab. I'd at least tweet it from my Surface Tab.
Microsoft Surface is a nice product, but I prefer Android tablet. 
Oprah could be giving them to not so fortunate family's but instead she's telling everyone how she loves it! 
windows 8 sucks and is full of bugs.  Not for me
Windows 8 is dumb, I locked up every single one at Costco... Because it can understand Cancel... Need to do better to convince me it's worth it 
Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes :D
o lordy she got dat KFC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And whats the problem with having different gadgets made by different companies?  One good product does not mean all from that company is worthwhile.  I say use whatever one you like and gets the job done.
Max O
that's an ugly shirt
She did say their Christmas gifts. But still this is just too much lol
Can I have one for free OW?
I've seen this issue over the web - together with the multiple criticisms - and so it makes me have to ask: Does the fact that she Likes the Surface mean that she has to Hate the Ipad?
She's RICH! She can do what she wants, STOP HATEING
Also, for all who are quick to conclude - please note that according to Mashable - "a good twitter client doesn't currently exist for the Surface"
Ada Sam
just swallow it stop heating men i wish she was ma mother men she gat mills deal with it......
From Ipad to windows surface! What a fail Oprah at least get Nexus 10 with the highest resolution screen if u looking for somthing diffrent.
What's with you? We knows u r rich
Gift is what makes people famous in their respective are. It realy good for her to expo her God Given gift 
I didn't think there is an official Twitter app for the Surface
I respect you'e comments, but i like (o) and thats, that!
Fan Yi
Hey man. It is so amazing.

Sure she was paid 500g to do it. Probably had to use the ipad bc there wasn't a twitter app for the surface yet
I have twitter go,you people need lives.
Here"s what really happened -:

Oprah-you know Steve this surface really sucks, I like the iPad so much more

Steve- well no one cares, we just want money and FYI we also hate it we just want to be rich and rip people off you know, and we are also paying you money so go tell people that the surface is nice
It will take some time before Microsoft gains market confidence to take over iPad. The general perception is to wait for a Stable version of Windows8 which could take 2 more months maybe.
Ryan R.
it does says something about Windows 8 tablet :D
nobody wants it unless it's FREE lol :D
This is only mildly funny due to irony. It's not worth all the attention and certainly not all the hate. 
She bought twelve so she can learn it faster..
Soooo, maybe she just didn't want to login into twitter website from Surface, since there is no twitter app for it. Why so much hype?
Would it make people feel better if she did this from a Nexus 7? I really don't get the hype.
Actually what she holds in her hand is indeed a Microsoft tablet windows 8. Pay attention "TechCrunch"
I think what people are missing here is that she "tweeted" using iPad is the key story here, the picture is misleading - someone else has posted a tweet showing that it was made using "Twitter for iPad". So, I can see the irony there... But then again who is stop her from having all the gadgets in the world :-)  -- no hating
How come no one photoshop her in this photo shot, not anything look like I saw at grocery magazine covers?  Oh, her photoshop guy in on holiday, LOL!
She's only in it for the money. Don't be fooled into thinking she's a good person folks. 
This shows the idiocy of celebs. Why we listen to them is beyond me.
A commercial star, a... Something...
kay sam
So there has been alot of engineer nerds doing bad PR on the product under value decisions rather than comparing the two products.

If i had a product there is no one else besides michael jordan i would use to target women, multicultural individuals and to gain awarness.

Great Pr strategy Microsoft.
Ojalá pudiera entender todo lo q escriben acá pero me asumo igual a los comentarios me encanta hopra yo soy chilena y siempre e escrito a todos los q me puedan ayudar pero jamás e tenido respuesta solo quiero poder reunirme con el amor de mi vida 
les agradesco a todos pero no entiendo ni una palabra me gustaria si fuera posible me escribieran en castellano gracias asi podre contestar
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