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"You can't search nor use porn in our elite phone, please, Steve Jobs would hate you for that"

I can't believe it... :o
Apple's restrictive and controlling nature rears its ugly head yet again.
Do they plan on removing Safari from iOS as well?  And every other mobile web browser?

F*ck it, why not just remove internet access from iOS devices; that'll sort it.
Oh no... Not pictures of the human body!  The horror!
no that can´t be the must be joking. +TechCrunch If its true, I think the guys in Cupertino have gone completely bananas. Or what are they smoking?
thanks, Apple, for babysitting us. What would we do without your protection from the real world.
Yet another reason for developers to move away from Apple. 
It's funny how killing cops on Grand Thief Auto is supported by Apple.
Soon iOS will detect your photos and auto delete if porn is found, like the birth of a baby. It will also contact the police if the nude person in question is a minor.
They should pull Safari because it would be too easy to search for porn... Morons...
Highly ridiculous!! At least 500px has *GOOD* quality, artistic nude photos as opposed to those low quality crap nakie pix we get from Facetime cameras. Yeah Apple, it's actually very easy to get nude pix on there too.
Oh no!  Save the Boobies!!!  I had never heard about it until now, I suspect that like me, many are now curious about what this app was really about.
LOL silly Apple have they ever heard of Google?

Maybe they should ban the use of all search engines within their Web browser. 
Sucks for the iFolks... If this is the logic, Twitter and Instagram are soon to go the way of the iDodo.
People who are old enough to view porn use iOS? I thought it was only for children who like to be parented
Lol you want to find nudity?? Brace yourself... It's super hard now.
1. Open browser
2. Take a break and rest
3. Google "nudity"
Sounds stupid, considering the nature of the app and how long it had been in the App Store.
Or they plan to release a similar app of their own. 
Get ready for Safari's - un-removable - porn blocking "feature" that comes standard on all iOS devices in the near future. 
yeah this doesn't add up. As +Phil Nolan said, 500px must be stepping on Apple's toes.
I'm so tired of Apple telling me what Ivan and cannot look at. I'm an adult , and I can decide for myself. Not to mention you can get porn via Safari, so taking down another app for having nudity in it is very hypocritical.
+Mark Lastiwka Alright, Citizen Kane. Though I think this whole "oh, we can't show nudity" focus of many organizations today is ludicrous. The interwebz is completely saturated with nude images, both pornographic and artistic. To remove 1 means of accessing them does nothing.
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