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You really have to hand it to Jeff Bezos and Amazon, which seem to continuously defy reality — and gravity.
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The reality distortion field has moved from Apple to Amazon?
everything is going according to plan....
People know a good deal when they see it, even when the numbers don't coincide.
(But this doesn't explain the retarded circumstances of Apple.)
Remember they lose money on each kindle. 
They may lose money on each kindle but they make it up in volume
Losing money is still money lost....

You mean volume on selling digital media, perhaps.

Im a strong advocate of amazon and their innovation. Doing good things! 
+Fede Torre Mtz it depends how you look at it. If you lose money by lobbing it out of the window, it matters. If you instead 'invest it' by giving away devices for content consumption and the only way to get content is from you... then you are playing a long game and it's pretty smart. Especially if you get a 30% market share. After all there is already a prevent on the market...and it is the second most valuable company in the world.
Im sure having free two day shipping on 400lbs weight sets doesn't help the bottom line either.
Amazon/Bezos is winning.
I am sure this is due to the latest trend of large conglomerates method of...
'The hand is quicker than the eye!'
Moving your accounts offshore and declaring low profit margins means lower taxes and less to pay shareholders enabling huge cash surpluses to be built up.
We are hearing a lot of this recently are we not?
I read somewhere something like: the competition should be scared witless as they have a giant competitor whose shareholders allow it to make a loss.
+Geoff Kleinman they don't lose money anymore. Hardware costs came down since the first Kindle Fire came out, and they can make them for a small profit now. 
Amazon represents 30% of all sales over the internet . . . 
and they still can't deliver overnight either
10 Billion - The number the oil companies make in 1 quarter. That's when the cry's of them making to much profit will start and some people will look to tax them more - What really is "TOO MUCH"?
The lose money on each transaction but make a profit based on volume is a classic joke.  The most famous being the Saturday Night Live change bank skit.

But since it's a loss leader /Marketing tool it's irrelevant.  Amazon is about market expansion and creating habitual purchasing habits (see amazon Prime) at the moment.  

You can't condemn Amazon for a lack of profit if profit isn't their goal.
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