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Will you be "unplugged" for the Holiday?
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Will you be living in a cave, wrapped in a rotting pelt, making stone tools for the holiday?
I wish, living in LA is kind of a downer.
I'm hoping to be. I decided this year I'm not even turning my phone or computer on.
Unplugged? Why in Gods name would I do that? My fondest memory's of childhood involved tech. Now my son is growing up in an era where you can not only develop your own tech very easily, you can carry the development platform around in your pocket.

My dad taught me to solder when I was 8, we made binary clocks and other projects together. I'm planning on teaching my kid to develop his own software, or any other tech projects he's interested in.

Is not what you remember about the holidays, it's how you feel about those memories
Probably not. The thing is, the only reason such things were so fun way back when is because you had nothing better to do, but now, Technology has provided me with many things to do.
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