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The fact windows asking for developer to pass windows 8 regulation, that not over control?
Mr. Ballmer, you don't have to mock other products to make your own looks good, when your products are somewhat inferior.
I find it strange him criticizing other companies products, when lets face it, the windows phones haven't exactly taken off and the surface has gotten some not so flattering reviews. I don't disagree with what he's saying, it just doesn't mean as much coming from him especially when he's companies products are playing catchup in the smartphone and tablet market
He is right +Halfey Halphstein and he has to do something to give Windows phones a fighting chance. I hope Windows gains market share, not because I like their OS, but that the market needs another viable option to stimulate innovation.
+Megan Keating I'm not saying he's wrong but if he have time to say why the competitors are worse then why not use it to tell us more about what actually makes Windows 8/Windows phones better?
He says that like it's a bad thing. Oh, and Windows 8 blows. 

Ballmer also laughed at the iPhone some years ago.
LOL, I don't think they are +Halfey Halphstein but I understand that Ballmer has to do something to draw developers to Windows 8. He's trying to paint Windows 8 as a viable option by pointing out the flaws every mobile developer already understands about The Android and Apple platforms. Otherwise the Windows storefront will be propped up with the same crappy apps as the Blackberry store.
Even if it was something that he "has to do" it sounds more like saying "theirs are bad and so do ours, if not worse".
Ok lets see if WP sales records beat Android, not in million year! maybe in his wildest dreams. Lol
I agree. It would be nice if he had pointed out all the positive reasons for developers to write for the Windiws 8 OS.
I wonder who he thinks should control Android community? If they are hailing from places undreamed by Microsoft, who is going to catch them and shoo them back to the coop?
I think you're right +Halfey Halphstein re Windows market share but until they develop products that people actually get excited about then I can't see that happening. 
Steve don't give us this shit Microsoft had the chance with Windows Mobile and it was the worst phone interface ever it never really worked correctly this has burn a lot of people and when people see Microsoft & Mobile device they look for something else
And how's that windows eco system looking?
Korey C
Hmm...yeah, Windows isnt even on the same level yet.
Frankly, I don't give a damn.
The Google Play store is somewhat curated, they just don't assume fascistic control over which apps are allowed into their ecosystem.  I've never had a problem with a malicious app on an Android device so I think Ballmer is full of it.
Why isn't Ballmer working at a used car lot, where he belongs?
All I see is a company desperately trying to keep pace. Let them sweat a little as they were to smug 5 years ago. I am just enjoying the ride while they all fight it out and we, the consumer are the winners ultimately and we have Google and Apple to thank for that as they have take Microsoft's dominance away. 
Im lovin Windows 8 and using google search and products on Windows 8.  8 million folks clicked Like on Windows on Facebook. MS is back on track. The Laptop and PC are not dead. Google voice search flawless on Windows 8.  Now bracing for the Windows h8.
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