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10 great ideas someone should invent -

"This article might change your life or make you rich."
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A red-haired woman? Think that's already been invented.
"Klout as currency" - Seriously ?
L am
Very good, and funny too :) two thumbs up!!!
I hate myself for reading this bullshit satire. I feel dumber now. I want my 10 minutes back.
Robots just for meetings is expensive... but what if you made a small Virtual Booth? You sit at a table with cameras all around, put on goggles (or Google Glasses) and Bam... You see everyone else in this Virtual meeting room!
“That’s why Apple is moving production back to the U.S. Because too many Chinese people were killing themselves in their factories.”

Seriously, the most ridiculous, stupid comment I have read in a TechCrunch article in a long time. Are they on their way to follow Mashable and Gawker Media?
Judi S.
Im reading this ... simply because Lindsay Lohans picture is on it . 
OK, here is one product someone should build. The technology is available, but the existing players in the market don't seem capable of pulling this one off. It will make someone rich, maybe you, dear reader.

A digital photo frame that is truly plug and play and completely grandparent-safe. It will automatically pull down pictures from a Picasa or Flicker album and display them as a slideshow. I should be able to set it up and ship it to my parents, who will simply have to plug it in to see new pictures of their grandkids every day.

Your product is disqualified if it requires: signing up and paying for a monthly service, navigating a clunky UI on the small screen, only 110V electricity.
I'd settle for a decent can opener!
What sort of rich does it mean? Definitely not currency! I needn't follow the link for Apple, I'm busy with....
Klout is never accurate. Justin Bieber is helped by choreographers and marketers that deserve more Klout than he does.
Is that Lindsay Lohan?
The good news for Klout: at least someone's still talking about them.
pardon me, but lindsey lohan looks amazing. 
A Lindsey Logan robot to wipe my ass... or I'll settle for the real thing
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