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Good. I love the service a lot. It has it's downsides but still no real competition ...
Cool! It's about time Netflix made up for that b.s. they screwed up with the "video game" site that NEVER happened.
Everyone already has Netflix, the little room to expand to new customers. The ones who don't have Netflix are not among our society. They would not be interested in the new releases. The new releases are for the benefit of loyal customers, alas may bring and increase in prices
What I want are the older Disney flicks.
It is 4 years from now. By then they could be another discarded internet site people used to go to. 4 years in tech world is beyond a long time.
A Comeback? Lol netflix was just legalized in Finland 
boo Jay
How presumptuous of Netflix to think they'll still be in business in 2016.
But will these films be available to all regions? 
I live on Netflix and Amazon Instant view. Glad to hear this. 
Jose L.
So should we dump our memberships now and wait until 2016?
Am I the only one that calls Netflix to tell them that I won't pay for their service if they do not support streaming on my computer every time they send me a 'come back to us' email?
Why is it in 2016? What the hell is going to happen between then and now?
+Ryan Luehrs - yes, I use lignux. I have used a vm with xp in the past, but silverlight doesn't work flawlessly in windows either so I stopped bothering(it is annoying to have to refresh the browser several times a movie due to a blackscreen).
I've wondered how the linux based android can run Netflix with no problems, but an actual browser on linux.... They should look into it, but probably won't.
Matt L
Netflix is great for the money
+Joshua Larkin I always have a windows laptop in the house, and the Vizio TV streams Netflix as well. I haven't had any issues with either in past two years.  Maybe one day they'll support linux.
+Ryan Luehrs - it's political. The businesses that own the licenses to the products don't want access to open source.

It's funny, because anyone who is actually interested in pirating film will not think of steamed Netflix because the quality is crap. They would rip it off of DVD or BD. OH, HEY, LOOK AT THAT, anyone can rent those at a fixed rate from Netflix, or Redbox, or what have you.
+Steven Wheeler - last I heard that solution is a custom compile of wine that breaks other versions, and was buggy. 
+Joshua Larkin - I tried it last week and it seemed to work ok for me in ubuntu 12.04 but you are correct, its a custom version of wine wrapped in a firefox extension
4 years is a long time. There is supposed to be an extra fee too. :-/ 
Coming in the next months customers will get some movies from Disney. The 2016 is movies and cartoons that Disney puts on its channels that don't hit the theater. 
I still get some good shows on Netflix. 
** correction 2016 is movies that will come out in that year and beyond! 
Well say goodbye to 8 bucks a month. :-\ 
Consider supporting a 'normal' Linux distribution (as opposed to Android or Chrome OS) and I might consider re-subscribing.
So, beginning in 2016 we can wait 7 moths after a movie comes out to watch it on Netflix.....would Quickster be quicker???
Ten new online sites for movies will already have Disney movies by 2016.  Just saying
Netflix has to do more than Disney to get me back! With no price hike!
Netflix hasn't left . Why does it need to come back ?
Good thing to, Netflix is really getting unpopular since everyone has already watched anything worth watching on instant play and no one wants to deal with the mail anymore.
Nice job Netflix .look forward to some great content for the kiddies
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