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"With over 150,000 people in attendance and millions of people watching remotely, it’s the opportunity of the year for a company that isn’t known for its press conference prowess.

You know. Like Verizon." #CESCrunch  
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i like how everyone likes to take potshots at Verizon, but if you care about actually having working telecommunications services, you have Verizon.

disclaimer: I work there, and they're a terrific company to work for.
I don't know if the world is savable but if bringing people together and keeping them there cellularly, no one even comes close to the V. I've used their cellular & data services for years with no complaint. The customer service & account security is second to none. Those that badmouth them probably had their service cancelled for non payment.

Save the world? They can't even provide unlimited data plans for their customers anymore. 
The word is won't not can't.
First bring back Unlimited Data and stop behaving like Nazis then try to save the world.
unlimited data plans are not a realistic expectations today's market.
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