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Fujitsu’s future phones and tablets could skip the physical keyboard and watch your fingers instead -
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I type like a retard so no sure how much use i would get out of it
I can hear it now: "Why can't I type properly? What the heck is Dvorak?! How do I make it stop?!?!"
There are already holographic projection keyboards that sync with your phone or tablet.  Then you can actually see the keys. Why would I want a keyboard that I can't see the keys?
And you watch what to type? 
Better voice recognition would be more interesting than new kinds of keyboard.
+Felix Del Rosario Guess only beta users are bestowed with the appealing dexterity to type on a two dimensional white space! :P 
Does this assume that you already learned to type on a physical keyboard first?
Got it! It will failed again...;-//
wat is so unique about this while projection keyboards are already there n ppl who aren't used to typing without looking for keys can have printout of the layout u want ;).
So this could be the idea behind Fujitsu tech here I guess ,saves energy which is othewise used for projection. 
That would be an awesome technology
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