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i think it was history of IPhone by Apple.....................
Cause and effect fallacy. People who get into video games to the point where they are serious gamers likely have solid hand dexterity and coordination. The same skills that would translate over to surgical simulations.
I had a specialist doctor (doing a lot of key-hole surgery) tell me the same thing. He said that the students that played games where more likely to have better dexterity.
I'm proud 2 b a gamer... they also said that can develop ur charism because of story mode games... like sims, god of war, etc...
christopher, i do. i also think you fail to realize the meaning of the phrase "cause and effect fallacy"
Some people are on games so long,life passes them by. Sometimes even a good relationship is ruined when more attention is placed on a game than on a friend or mate.
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