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Google Glass is as much about working with our past as our future -
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this just reminds me of the joker in batman arkham asylum lol
I would be the smart ass who would unplug the teachers cord. 
hmmm still should have a power button +Christopher Cotton if not I would think of something else like foil around the unit....
3 powerful magnets would screw the screen lol
This reminds me of Sheldon Cooper, PhD.
oi bang fer, mampir dimari ente wkwkwk..
Google Glass isn't out yet but yeah, it is really interesting and people in the tech world are all talking about it. 
don't say nothing more about #googleglass , I just need a pair, I want to be a part of it's evolution, all it's trails and errors, ups and downs, I want to be a part of it... how much?
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