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Facebook has a problem. A big one.

Yes. It's name is Zuckerberg.
It's a free service, so they have the right to make changes like this, but it's very frustrating to brands who have devoted lots of time and money to building a presence/community on Facebook. They should just be honest: they didn't have a solid plan for monetization and now they're scrambling, trying to get one to stick. It just underscores the importance of using extreme caution when you're building your brand on a platform you don't own.
Facebook has several problems, which can be summed up as: They're not Google.
This majorly sucks for grassroots users. Corporations with $$$ will get the views, while members of an organization I run won't see the posts.
I guess, we'll see more of this 'pay to play' business model.  Wonderin' if folks are thinking of moving somewhere else. 
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