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Google invests $200M in Texas wind farm. A step closer to real renewable energy.
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Wind power is just about the "dummest" energy source out there. Waste of money Google. Just ask the Vestas shareholders. 
Enough to power 1.65 DeLorean time machines.
I rather solar panels... wind power is not potent enough if you ask me (which nobody did).
Google usually sets these up as a tax equity fund to offset corporate taxes with renewable energy tax credits. I also think these are funded by, Google's charity arm, so there's an element of doing good involved.
+Brian Lomeland as most companies should. It's a win win. Invest money in something useful and avoid taxes while you're at it. 
Woot! Texas needs more Google! An more wind turbines!
This is good to see and I hope other large companies copy google.

Wind power might not run at full capacity all the time but its a relatively quick to design and construct and will last with minimal environmental issues, thus in theory can be installed anywhere were its a little windy and you don't have to worry about your kids developing any health issues. 
Very good, very good.
Guess what people, wind is better than nuclear so congrats Google!

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