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yes, but drop the phone every time I approach an intersection. 
So, is it time for phones to sound an alarm when you're about to bump on something..or someone?
yep but i have my eyes always on the road and take small peeks at my phone , it takes longer to text but at least i am not bumping into walls and such
Yes, I do more often than before. 
Yes. We have a method for doing tasks like this at my company when we're on-the-fly for #PR  at events like +SXSW and such.  Since we work in teams, whenever someone is texting/checking email on their phone, someone walks directly in front of them to steer the direction of travel by peripheral vision.  If lead person stops abruptly, no worries, because worst that can happen is person following collides with them - better a team mate than someone else.

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I slow down gradually when I'm texting until I'm just unconciously standing in everyones way.
Oh God! I have terrible friends. LOL
Yes but not well. I will admit to running a few people over and occasionally walking into inanimate objects.
There are thousands of people that txt and walk in Manhattan everyday. You just have to be more careful. And how did this make it to the post and not people smoking on public places and in parks...
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