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Who needs mp3's anymore when you can have spotify premium?
People who lives in yet-to-be-spotified regions such as Asia?
"Amazon is coming after iTunes. Can it take the lead one day?"

As long as the whole world is concerned, not likely. Not before Amazon expand their worldview to cover more than the continental US states. Apple still have the lead, and don't have to worry about Amazon on the global market.

You can go to the iTunes store all over the world and buy some music or a movie online. Try doing the same in the Amazon store, and you'll end up with an error message, if you happen to live outside the US. Which includes quite a few potential buyers. To lure in them/us, Amazon would have to expand their online stores into the same markets Apple is already covering, and has done so for a good while.
I myself am a fan of competition... It drives inovation and USUALLY drives down costs to the customer...
The company's going in a lot of disparate directions lately. Seems like almost everything at Amazon's gone downhill the past couple years--things must be out of control. Heard yesterday it may be stealing its merchants' business as it discovers what sells well. One thing's going up though: Bezos' personal publicists' fee. Got the rascal declared FORTUNE's man of the year!
Don't worry Apple will find a way to stop them and sue them because they invented digital music stores.
how about fixing Android app first? It still can't download music to sd card, crying out loud!
Me, i prefer buy the CD. I appreciate their work, effort, and art. But back in the old days i used to download it and always ended up getting bad audio from people who uploaded it.

But for the music that really really hard to find the CD nowadays, it's easy to find it on the net and download it :)
Amazon makes a great product. While competition usually does wonders for innovation it can also muddle the intent and leave the end user out in the cold. We can speculate all we want but time will tell in the end. Amazon will most likely continue to do good business and the cards will fall where they may.
Well, I live in a Spotify region, which is great :)
I really don't think amazon can overtake iTunes. Heck, barely anyone's heard of amazon selling music....
Rudy M
Maybe, but I don't personally care.  I have only ever used Amazon for digital music purchases.  I think I may have used iTunes once many years ago and that was only to transfer my existing mp3s to my then hip green ipod mini (the first gen).  I have never purchased tracks from iTunes.  
Rudy M
+Raja Sharma It does seem like people are turning their backs on Apple, doesn't it?  I've never had anything against them, but I guess people are beginning to feel like they are getting ripped off.  I don't blame them.  Premium prices only work if you build premium products.  Their products just don't seem very premium any longer.  
+Rudy Maldonado. My Note 2 is $100 more expensive than iPhone 5 on the contract. Music and shows are at the same price on iTunes as they're on Amazon. What's so premium about Apple prices?
Artist themselves should sell their own music and cut out the middle man altogether! Better quality at cheaper price and I'm sold!
Amazon needs to publish a prime ago for android
Huh? I didn't think apple would allow this app on their devices. Didn't they block google maps for a long time? At least, until they had no choice but to make it available?
Excellent. I guess they'll let me buy mp3s in Canada then.
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